This game was created in 6 days for the GameDevNetwork : Cherry Jam. The theme was "Dungeon". 

Find a way out of this dungeon. Take 4 keys from the monsters and open the exit door. Slimes, Bats, Skeletons and Traps will be your worst nightmare. Use your 4 arrow abilities to defeat them ! 

I used Construct 2 for the game Engine (You can download the source folder below), Pyxel Edit for the sprites. Fruity Loops 12 for the Music. The Sounds Effect are from (great website) or some remixed sounds from others royalty free websites. 

You are free to use all the graphical assets and Music from de source folder. But please, credit me. You can use all the sounds effects from the source folder without credit anyone. (But if you are a nice person, credit the website).

Thank for reading, have a nice day !

(Ho, and I got a tendonitis the last 2 days. That was really painful. So i couldn't do more monsters, or even a boss fight. I will maybe add them later if I have nice comments on this game.)

Install instructions

Browser only. Mouse and Keyboard required. (Qwerty and Azerty supported). Download the source project file below for free.


Dungeon Slaughter Project 10 MB


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At the end, how do I restart without refreshing the browser EVERYTIME?

Press the 'R' key