A downloadable game for Windows

This game was made in 72h by only me for the Ludumdare 42.

In this game, a Space pirate lord ask you to craft some weapons. Put dozen of objects into 4 differents machines to find what will get out of it. Find over 40 differents items. 

Yea it's like a Sandbox game. Have fun finding out how to get Mr_Rock, the Very instable power shell or even the crystal of crypton (yea it's a real space thing you know) !

Say what you think about this game in the comment ! 

Install instructions

Extract the archive and launch 'Pirate Space Crafter.exe".


PirateSpaceCrafter_1.0.2.rar 53 MB

Development log


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How do I intall it on a Mac? I cant figure it out.

I didn't build for Mac I think ? This is a Gamejam project, I used the default Unity exporter. Sorry.

Hey! for some reason i cant craft ammo

The game come with some .txt files. On of them explain how to craft the asked items. Check if you have put the right items into the assembler.

Hey there, I am pleased to start my #Ludumdare42 games collection with this one, I liked the idea and was able to make some interesting stuff with the machines, very good build 5/5.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

It's cool to see other people playing your own games ! You did a pretty good job guessing the craft. I like your playthrough tho; calm with cuts at the right time ! I'm sorry for the mistakes on the items names. I had to integrate them quickly, I didn't had time to fix them.  

Have a good time playing others LudumDare#42  games !

That's cool, usually in a game made that fast there will be a few bits here and there.  Most of the time they are funny.  might I also recommend the indiexpo.net website if you like to expand where to put this game and I will support it there too.

This game looks like it would be a lot of fun but I cant play it because wasd don't work only s and d work.